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Vacancies At The Catholic Relief Services

Date Posted: 28/Sep/2013
Deadline: 09/Oct/2013
  • Specialization Admin / Finance
  • Industry
  • Experience 0 year(s)
  • Location Nigeria

Catholic Relief Services is the official agency of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops for relief and development assistance overseas.


Position Title: Polio Secretariat Director

Reports To: Country Representative
Location: Abuja Nigeria
Duration: Full Time
Band: E-2

Specific Tasks
The Secretary Director will be responsible for the following:

  • In coordination with CGPP headquarters staff, guide the development of the technical priorities and strategic plan for the project, ensuring that they contribute to the quality and coverage of related tasks to polio immunization activities and service
  • Monitor implementation of the Secretariat annual work plan and budget
  • Support the development of and approval of the national
  • Secretariat and PVO partners' work plans and budgets before they are submitted to the CGPP headquarters staff
  • Monitor the partners' adherence to the approved budgets and work plans and make any necessary program adjustments to ensure work plans are met within budget.
  • Monitor the field polio eradication operations performed by the Secretariat and CORE PVO partner staff
  • Review and approve all training work plans and training curricula developed by the secretariat technical staff in collaboration with all other Nigeria partners to assure uniformity and reduce the need for developing new materials.
  • Monitor training received by field staff in social mobilization, communication, data collection and reporting tools and techniques and make any necessary program adjustments to ensure appropriate training is received.
  • Monitor CGPP polio eradication goals and strategies; make necessary adjustments to ensure they contribute to the national and global eradication of polio and to the quality of monitoring indicators to assure accountability.
  • Maintain dose formal and informal networking and communications with the PEOC, national and international polio partners and stakeholders, ensuring that NGO and community needs are communicated to them, and that technical advances, policy changes and other relevant information are communicated to all CGPP partners.
  • Manage all communications with national and international stakeholders and partners working in Nigeria.
  • Represent the interests of the CGPP and its partners in meetings with USAID and other donors and stakeholders, and report on those meetings to CGPP headquarters staff
  • Produce the Nigeria CGPP quarterly and semi-annual reports, and ensure the timely completion of monthly data updates and other reports as required
  • Produce and disseminate memos documenting the key discussion points and decisions taken at CGPP partners, and at stakeholder partner meetings
  • Monitor the implementation of project and evaluation activities and guide the interpretation of the analyzed data.
  • Convene regular meetings with the CORE PVO partners to share lessons learned, disseminate information, discuss challenges, solicit feedback, etc.


  • Medical doctor-MO or Doctor of Public Health or equivalent degrees
  • MPH degree from a reputable institution
  • Experience in the field of Immunization or Vaccine Preventable Diseases
  • Experience working with Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs)
  • Management and administration training or experience
  • Fluent Language skills in Hausa and Fulani - a plus English language skills - both speaking and writing
  • Computer literate
  • Experience in USAID Report writing -a plus
  • Public speaking skills combined with data analysis, interpretation and presentation expertise
  • Experience and skills working with the Nigerian MOH High level of competency in Networking Skills
  • A team builder with a desire to challenge co-workers while adhering to established guidelines and limitations of working each Private Voluntary Organization's code of ethics and employment guidelines and Code of Conduct


Job Title: Nutrition Program Manager, 5VH Project
Band: Band D-1
Reports To: Technical Program Director
Based In: Abuja, Nigeria

Job Responsibilities

  • Works closely with STTAs and responsible for ensuring CSOs adherence to technical standards
  • With CSOs, the Nutrition PM will implement a social and behavior change strategy that is grounded in local context by formative research, uses multiple channels, and targets various audiences for widespread impact
  • The Nutrition PM will use a comprehensive social and behavior change strategy to improve knowledge, build skills and reduce barriers to adoption of key nutrition and hygiene practices.
  • In conjunction with activities to improve crop production, the Nutrition PM will support increased production of vegetables for vitamin A and iron, and chicken/eggs for animal source protein and iron.
  • S/he will develop recipes and identify in-home food preservation (e.g. fruit drying) methods for locally available high-nutrient family and weaning foods.
  • S/he will work with the FMOH and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) to develop a curriculum and train CSO staff and VEAs in basic nutrition, including which foods are nutritious, and home gardening
  • S/he will implement Community-led Total Sanitation (CLTS), which engages communities In a Self-led sanitation profile designed to trigger a response of disgust, and subsequent behavior change to end open defecation.
  • With CSOs, the Nutrition PM will establish and train new WASH committees to monitor rehabilitation, assess sanitary and environmental risk, conduct maintenance and small repairs, and manage water collection fees and budgets.
  • S/he will engage the (Catholic) Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC), Jamatul Nasril Islam (JNII and FOMWAN to develop training and job aides that help male and female religious leaders (Christian and Islamic) incorporate key nutrition and hygiene information in their sermons by linking key promoted practices to religious teachings.
  • S/he will leverage USAID's ongoing investments in basic education, and project investments in youth development to support positive nutrition and hygiene behaviors among youth - particularly adolescent girls.
  • S/he will work with non-formal learning centers, Islamic and Koranic schools to review existing curricula and develop teaching materials that reflect life-skills based acquisition of nutrition and hygiene skills and train teachers in their use.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Master's degree in Nutrition, Food Science or related field.
  • Five years of working experience in agriculture, nutrition, WASH or food security program
  • Understanding of U.S Government grant provisions and guidelines, including proposal formats and reporting requirements.
  • Capacity to work closely, understand, and support local Church partners
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent training and facilitation skills
  • Familiarity with policies, procedures and priorities of USAID and Caritas agencies preferred
  • Strong computer skills; Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint preferred
  • Experience in staff development and partner capacity preferred
  • Knowledge of CRS' program quality standards
  • Demonstrated commitment to improving gender equality and gender responsiveness in programming and operations.
  • Experience with participatory methods and partnerships required. Demonstrated capacity and experience with institutional strengthening of local civil society and government agencies.
  • Flexibility to work both in a team and independently.
  • Cultural sensitivity, patience and flexibility.
  • Demonstrated personal accountability and driven to serve others.
  • Understanding of and experience with faith-based organizations, local church structures, and accompaniment and capacity-building principles in local partnerships highly desired.
  • Ability to travel nationally and internationally as required.
  • Excellent English language oral and written communication skills required. Knowledge of Hausa language is an added advantage.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel and Outlook required.
  • Willingness and ability to travel at least 60% of time.



Job Title: Head of Unit, Agriculture and Economic Growth
Band: Band E-2
Reports To: Head of Programs
Based In: Abuja
Duration: Full Time

Job Responsibilities

Program Quality

  • With key program staff and stakeholders, ensure each of the unit's programs' strategic objectives and results are fully accomplished and meet expected technical quality standards.
  • Ensure that vision and plans for the programs are innovative and are in line with CRS agency and country program strategies as well as Ministry of Agriculture food security strategies.
  • In collaboration with program staff, provide guidance and technical oversight to partners and other collaborating agencies to ensure that lessons of sound practice are documented and disseminated.
  • Oversee program's monitoring and evaluation system, using data analysis as the basis for measuring performance. Ensure that indicators and objectives are coordinated with CP, Agency, and donor standards. Use M&E learning and analysis to adjust program plans for maximum impact and efficiency
  • Collaborate with Regional and Headquarters technical staff to identify and implement appropriate ICT40 solutions to improve timeliness and quality of M&E and project implementation.
  • In coordination with the CR and HOP, develop cross-sector engagement opportunities that reinforce current and future programs.
  • Ensure programs incorporate leading interventions in developing business skills and strengthening entrepreneurship.
  • Ensure integration of program interventions with other CRS programs or through linkages with other service providers.
  • Ensure effective gender-mainstreaming in both programming and management aspects of implementation.
  • With program staff, ensure the delivery of quality training, technical assistance and administrative and financial support to all partner agencies, including the selection and coordination of consultants.
  • Collaborate with the All Africa Agricultural Team, the Food Security Unit and relevant Regional Technical Advisors to promote sharing of learning and identify relevant innovations.

Business Development

  • Coordinate the development of new proposals for agriculture and economic strengthening.
  • Lead the development of and implementation of strategy with CRS/NG staff and partners.
  • Develop innovations and scalable models for program expansion.
  • Develop relationships with key donors and understand the priorities and opportunities of each.

Management and Administration

  • Manage program budgets, including tracking of financial and material resources.
  • Ensure accurate and timely reporting of program finances and progress status; review actual financial performance against the budget, and explain variances on a regular basis.
  • Ensure staff compliance with all CRS administrative and operational procedures and policies, as well as applicable donor regulations.
  • Approve program expenditures, budget adjustments, and cost modification requests to donors.

Representation and Advocacy

  • In collaboration with CRS/Nigeria Country Representative (CR), act as primary program contact to donor and other local and international stakeholders, responsible for addressing all program matters.
  • In collaboration with CR and Head of Programs, strengthen linkages with existing and potential partner agencies, such as National Agricultural Research Services, State Agriculture Development Program offices, the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, and other implementing partners.
  • In collaboration with Head of Programs. ovel'5ee program communication strategies, including compliance with donor's branding and marketing requirements, as well as CRS marketing and communication procedures.

Human Resource Management

  • Lead, manage and supervise a team of CRS/NG agriculture and economic growth staff to meet program objectives.
  • Conduct periodic reviews of staff performance in keeping with CRS' performance management system and mentor staff to ensure high levels of motivation, commitment, capacity, and teamwork.
  • Manage recruitment portfolio for the unit, in collaboration with Human Resources and CRS country program management, to ensure optimum service delivery through recruitment of competent and qualified staff,

Qualifications and Skills

  • Minimum Master's Degree in Agriculture.
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in agriculture, economic development, poverty alleviation, and/or M&E.
  • Knowledge of key USG regulations including, but not limited to USAID 22 CF Part 226 Administration of Assistance Awards to U.S. Non-Governmental Organizations, 22 CFR Part 145 Grants and Agreements with Non-Profits, OMB Circulars A-122, Cost principles for non-profit organizations and A-133 Audit of states, local governments, and non-profits preferred.
  • Proven leadership and inter-personal skills and ability to build and motivate divel'5e and talented teams.
  • Proven experience in small and medium enterprise development, marketing and creating market linkages.
  • Proven experience in building and maintaining institutional linkages required.
  • Demonstrated commitment to improving gender equality and gender responsiveness in programming and operations.
  • Experience with participatory methods and partnerships required. Demonstrated capacity and experience with institutional strengthening of local civil society and government agencies.
  • Public relations skills required.
  • Proven ability to think strategically.
  • Flexibility to work both in a team and independently.
  • Cultural sensitivity, patience and flexibility.
  • Demonstrated personal accountability and driven to serve others.
  • Understanding of and experience with faith-based organizations, local church structures, and accompaniment and capacity-building principles in local partnerships highly desired.
  • Ability to travel nationally and internationally as required.
  • Excellent English language oral and written communication skills required.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel and Outlook required.
  • Nigerian nationals only


Job Title: Grants Manager
Band: BandE-1
Reports To: DCOP
Based In: Benue
Duration: Full Time

Specific Tasks

Sub-recipients Financial Assessment

  • Lead the assessments of all sub-recipients using CRS HQ Finance's guidance for stratification of the sub-recipients for SMILE grant.
  • Assist the sub-recipients in preparing a Corrective Action Plan within sixty calendar days of the assessment or monitoring visit that addresses each of the identified weaknesses in any of the ten assessed areas scored below 7S%.
  • Assist Program Managers in making sure that the sub recipients addresses all issues listed in the Corrective Acton Plan within 120 calendar days of the assessment or monitoring visit.

Sub-recipients Financial Monitoring

  • Serve as the principal point of contact on Grant Management and compliance issues with Program Managers, CRS/Nigeria Finance and Compliance staff.
  • Lead the training and implementation of the new CRS/HQ sub-recipient monitoring policy for SMILE project within CRS Nigeria.
  • Coordinate the development and implementation of Grant Management capacity building activities such as trainings at the sites in close collaboration with CRS Nigeria finance and compliance staff.
  • Ensure SMILE project within the Country Program has in place and adheres to a schedule of planned monitoring visits of sub-recipients during each year. The basis for the selection, timing and frequency of its monitoring visits should be properly documented.
  • Ensure financial and programming staffs participate in the financial monitoring, including site visits, of sub-recipient activities. The trip reports must indicate the monitoring steps performed, the processes reviewed, and the result of the testing and reviews.
  • Ensure all monitors prepare and submit a written trip report for each visit to a sub-recipient.
  • Review and analyze monitoring reports on a timely manner and sign off for further follow-up
  • Work with sub-recipients to correct weaknesses detected by internal and external auditors, SMILE project management or CRS Nigeria finance and compliance staff.
  • Ensure sub-recipients' internal control systems are reviewed at least annually by auditors or CRS/SMILE project monitors effectively to ensure that their financial duties are adequately segregated.
  • Ensure SMILE project and CRS Nigeria obtains assurances that each local and foreign sub-recipient to which it provides funding that expends $300,000 or more of USAID funds in the sub recipient's fiscal year, complies with the requirement to undergo an independent annual audit each year it equals or exceeds that threshold.
  • Ensure SMILE project Sub-recipients evaluate and effectively monitor their lower tier sub-recipients.

Sub-recipient Financial Support

  • Ensure that the CRS Nigeria finance and compliance staff provide direct technical support in all aspects of finance for sub-recipient under SMILE project
  • Orient accounting and project management staff in relevant and appropriate donors financial management policies, procedures, and standards.
  • Ensure integrity of donor grants financial reporting and the effective control of financial assets.
  • Regularly monitor and assess sub-recipient ability to accurately record and post all financial transactions and provide feedback to CoP, DCoP and CRS Finance Manager.
  • Advice and ensures on GAAP and basic accounting records to be maintained at Sub-recipient.

Grants Management and Budgeting

  • In coordination with SMILE CoP and DCoP prepares all required sub-recipient agreements and monitors grant amendments, update grant files, submit copy of amendment documents to CRS Nigeria and HQ finance and monitor grant expiry period.
  • Ensure that donor required reports are prepared accurately and disseminated within the due dates.
  • Coordinate with HQ finance to ensure that donor reports that are generated by HQ finance are sent out to the relevant donor.
  • Coordinate grant closure activities with the CoP, DCoP and respective CRS Nigeria staff and ensure that expired sub-grants are fully closed out within 90 days limit
  • Review cash disbursement advance journals, ensuring accurate postings particularly to accounts 1231, 1232 and 6166.
  • Review and approve liquidation journals ensuring accurate postings particularly to accounts 1231, 1232, and 6166 and that proper sub-recipient accounts (T-codes) are charged.
  • Review posted journals for errors and recommend correction when necessary
  • Takes a lead on developing SMILE cash projections and communicates to CRS Nigeria and HQ finance units
  • Participate in the preparation of the budget commensurate with the program implementation plan and provides technical advice to the CoP and DCoP on budget submissions from all SMILE sub-recipients
  • Review consortium members and or sub-recipient budgets and provide comments/recommend approval by CoP
  • Develop effective budget monitoring tools and implement them for all SMILE project sub-recipients.
  • Actively engage in budget discussions and generate feedback for SMILE senior management team on adverse budget variances in monthly BCR meetings and results from sub-recipient monitoring
  • Actively attend SMILE Management Team Meetings on weekly basis and contribute to the overall team work spirit of SMILE project and CRS Nigeria.
  • Address the needs and the implementation of trainings on budgeting and compliance with all relevant SMILE project sub-recipients.
  • Contribute in new project sub-recipient proposal budgets review and revisions when required.

Staff Management

  • Lead, direct, mentor and coach SMILE Finance and compliance officers.
  • Take lead in setting annual SMILE project finance and compliance targets and ensure that specific tasks are built in every compliance staff Performance plan.
  • Motivate, develop, coach and appraise subordinate staff in accordance with CRS Performance Management System (PMS) and Catholic Social Teachings (CST)
  • Ensure that supervisees' job descriptions are reviewed and updated at least on annual basis to ensure adequate workload distribution and support to staff

Qualifications and Abilities

  • Associate Member of ICAN Nigeria Master's Degree in Administration or Finance, Organizational Development Management or other relevant field.
  • Must be a matured, motivated, problem solving individual with high levels of initiative;
  • Minimum of five years relevant experience, preferably with an International Organization
  • Thorough knowledge of best practices in capacity strengthening with prior experience of integrating this with programming; Experience in curriculum design and development.
  • Demonstrated ability to transfer knowledge to diverse audiences through participatory adult learning, mentoring, distance education, and other formal and non-formal methods; Experience In the design of and delivery of training workshops.
  • Must demonstrate a good understanding of contemporary management best practices
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills Strong organizational skills and attention to detail Demonstrate excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Familiarity with HIV/AIDS and working in PEPFAR projects is added advantage
  • Demonstrate high level of initiative, diplomacy and tact Excellent knowledge of computer software- MS Office (PowerPoint and Excel especially);
  • Must be flexible and be able to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Ability to travel as needed


Job Title: Deputy Chief of Party
Band: Band E-2
Reports To: Chief of Party
Based In: Benue

Note: This position is pending final USAID funding approval and revisions of the SMILE budget

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Program Quality, Systems and Capacity Development
Facilitate the consortium to achieve high levels of program quality through technical service provision work in close collaboration with SMILE Technical Director to re-align and harmonize SMILE targeting strategies for effective integration and implementation of HIV and AIDS and OVC activities (periodically review jointly for relevance and effectiveness).
Lead the development of a compliance assessment checklist and ensure adherence to all relevant USAID guidelines and program quality standards for HIV and AIDS and OVC programming for the SMILE consortia and sub-recipients Support and work closely with the SMILE Technical Director, HES and Nutrition technical advisors, the M&E/Knowledge management Director, the Senior Program Managers as well as other relevant technical and grant management staff from SMILE in order to:

  • Assist consortium partners and especially SMILE sub-recipients in developing organization specific OVC targeting and implementation strategies.
  • Contribute in the development of technical guidelines and standards for performance excellence.
  • Actively contribute in the establishment of network for referral services between state level actors and recommend organizations SMILE should collaborate with at community, LGA and state level.
  • Co-facilitate (together with the Technical Director and relevant technical resource persons) planning and facilitation of technical workshops for capacity-building and experience-strengthening for all SMILE sub-recipients in OVC programming.
  • Train and provide technical assistance in relation to OVC programing to all sub-recipient project management teams implementing SMILE program.
  • Provide guidance and technical assistance to SMILE sub-recipients and partners to facilitate institutional capacity assessment to identify major challenges and develop effective capacity building plan and schedule.
  • DCoP is directly responsible for monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of the capacity building action plan for all SMILE sub-recipients.
  • Assist SMILE consortium partners and all sub-recipients to support the tracking and achievement of SMILE targets and in close collaboration with the M&E Director develop a comprehensive M&E systems, tools and plans for measuring performance at partner and consortium level.
  • Supporting CoP and SMILE Technical Director in planning, guidance and coordinate with the key program staff in the consortium as well as relevant stakeholders to ensure that planning and monitoring is grounded on the program's strategic objectives and results area.
  • DCoP is also responsible for planning and overseeing training of relevant program and sub-recipient staff on relevant policies, regulations and program quality standards by GoN, CRS and USAID to ensure adherence
  • In close collaboration with CoP and SMILE Technical director guide assessment of technical support needs and capacity building needs of SMILE sub-recipients and facilitate provision of effective technical support to upgrade standards for performance and operating procedures that support efficiency and high quality improvements in the provision of care and support as well as OVC programming.

Financial Management

  • Assist CoP in coordination of financial aspects of programming work with the SMILE Grant Manager
  • Guide the annual planning and budgeting exercise and track expenditure as well as analyze performance periodically, share analysis with CoP and CR
  • Ensure effective coordination and communication between technical staff and finance for effective service delivery.
  • Review annual and quarterly partner budgets and forward to CoP with recommendation.

Promote Innovation across Consortium

  • Work with SMILE TA's and Technical Director, SMILE and SVH CoP as well the HoP to identify, design and/or integrate additional "wraparound services"
  • Promote and facilitate innovation through capacity building and motivation of implementing staff
  • Along with the CoP, periodically review progress, integration with other USG funded partners and achievements of SMILE program to identify bottlenecks and recommend appropriate actions to maintain the program on target.

Facilitate Learning and Knowledge Management

  • In close collaboration with the SMILE Technical Director and M&E Director promote identification, documentation and exchange of lessons learned and best practices among the SMILE consortium partners and sub-recipients
  • Identify other international and local programs focusing on HIV and AIDS and OVC program quality improvements and assist SMILE CoP to facilitate linkages and exchange of experience with such programs to enhance adoption of innovative approaches among SMILE consortium partners and sub-recipients
  • Facilitate establishment of 'learning communities" (a model community which the SMILE technical staff as well other stakeholders may visit often with their staff and facilitate learning through experiences with the community)
  • Coordinate and support the M&E Technical Quality Coordinator in developing and conducting surveys, assessments and studies.
  • Provide inputs into developing communications and networking systems, Newsletter, website, events with Government and other stakeholders
  • Identify and design appropriate studies and prepare abstracts to participate and represent if required the SMILE program on national, regional and global forums

Contracting and Management of External Services

  • Identify gaps and develop strategy and resources to address the gap by contracting appropriate services from technical institutions and individuals.
  • Establish linkage and develop framework for collaboration with local and National and international institutions of research and higher learning.
  • Develop SoW and manage consultants as required


  • Support and develop guidelines to accompany the data collection and analysis tools for reports in consultation with SMILE M&E Director and respective SMILE Technical and program staff
  • Analyze and interpret data from surveys and sub-recipient reports
  • Fulfill donor's reporting requirements in a timely manner in coordination with Grant Manager, CRS Finance and M&E (Quarterly reports, Annual reports, COP indicator reports, PEPFAR reports, CRS!APP etc.) and take the lead to write the report and submit to the Chief of Party
  • Work with the SMILE M&E Director and technical and program staff to develop and implement a score card system to appraise performance in relation to quality and timeliness of reports submitted by consortium partners and sub-recipients
  • Compile, polish and prepare final narrative as well as statistical reports and forward to CoP for final review and submission.

Representation and Advocacy

  • In consultation with the CoP represent the Consortium on relevant technical forums (GoN, USAID, UN and others).
  • Liaise with the SMILE Technical Director and respective Technical and Program staff and strengthen linkages with technical persons from the relevant state and federal ministries to provide support to the SMILE staff and sub-recipients achieving their goals.
  • Monitor and support sub-recipients strategy to maintain and strengthen collaboration with the irrespective LGA's and States.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience

  • MSC or PhD degree in public health, Social Science or related tee experience on technical and managerial positions.
  • Three to five years in a management position, supervising senior staff, in an international or multicultural environment.
  • Previous field work experience working through partner organizations
  • Proven experience managing USAID/USG reporting, budgeting, procurement, and project management procedures and at least three years of management experience with USG funded and/ or PEPFAR program in Nigeria and Africa
  • 3 to S years of supervisory experience, excellent partnership and interpersonal skills to work in a team environment with dependable ability to dialogue, network, and work effectively with senior managers of local and international institutions
  • Excellent communication and writing skills in English
  • Proven ability to work independently, plan strategically and analyze situations critically
  • Computer proficiency in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Travel more than 60 % of the time


Job Title: Administrative Officer
Band: Band D-1
Reports To: Head of Administration
Based In: Abuja
Duration: Full Time


  • The Administrative Officer will keep the Head of Administration briefed on the status of all ongoing activities under his/her purview. The Administrative Officer will also be available to represent, support and consult on issues being handled by the Head of Administration.

Asset Management

  • Develop standards on the efficient use of office equipments including office and telecommunication equipment and also overseeing the maintenance contracts for these equipment.
  • Provide guidance on the use and maintenance of office equipment (generators, photocopiers etc) to maximize use and functionality.
  • Will make recommendations to the head of admin on items to be disposed of and prepare list of items for auctioning when directed.

Inventory/Asset Management

  • Maintain and update the offices equipment inventory register. Physically mark all items. Add or delete items as required according to the CRS/Nigeria and the Agency's Inventory Policy after due consultation with the Head of Administration.
  • Send an updated Inventory report on assets over $5000 to HoA every quarter.
  • Responsible for receiving procured items in collaboration with the Administrative Secretary.
  • Will be responsible for the items in the administration store and maintain an up to date list of all items.

Vehicle Management

  • Provide direct supervision to the admin assistant and front desk.
  • Receive all vehicle reports from the field offices and review them.
  • Provide general oversight to vehicle dispatch and allocation.
  • Review log sheets and data entry into the VMS tool and the monthly reports from the pool.
  • Provide regular trainings on the use of the VMS to staff in the fleet management unit.

Hotel & Accommodation

  • Make all hotel arrangements for all CRS or partner activities as requested and ensure that the bills are settled promptly after the completion of the activity.
  • Make all accommodation bookings for all CRS staff as requested (in hotels where MOU are operational) and make necessary pick up arrangements for the international visitors Receive all requests for hotel bookings from all staff (for outside the FCT) and make such reservations for the staff and communicate/ provide feedback on this.
  • Research available hotel options in states where CRS has project and share findings with the Head of Administration.
  • Coordinate requests for support for workshops in hotels outside of the FCT and ensure that quotations are received and submitted to the Procurement officer for processing.
  • Follow up on the payments for the hotels outside the FCT and ensure that the payment terms are adhered to for the services rendered.


  • Coordinate with Program and Administration staff for the transportation of project materials/equipment to project partners and to the field offices where applicable.
  • Ensure all required documentation and approvals are secured for such transportation
  • Forward received documentation on deliveries to the Administrative Secretary for processing of payments
  • Liaise directly with requestors, transporters and partners to coordinate distribution schedules.
  • Receive goods received notes from the partners 'and delivery notes from the transporters; initiate payment process and follow up with Finance.
  • Organize all necessary required labour to facilitate the movement of received goods and effectively organize the delivery of the goods to the required locations
  • Will coordinate the movement of items that are donated to the office and ensure all documentation is in place for receiving or onward movement to partners where applicable.


  • Advise staff/travelers on immigration requirements for in country; provide support as needed to facilitate visa processing.
  • Coordinate all visa requests for staff on official assignment and provide needed support.

Knowledge Management

  • Review all reports that are generated from the vehilog and make recommendations based on generated reports so decisions can be taken on such as; donation of fuel consuming vehicles, fuel consumption pattern that could necessitate check on vehicles, fueling station etc. geared at improving current practices and increasing efficiency.
  • Review admin policies to ensure that guidelines reflect current operational conditions and make recommendations on ways to improve efficiency and internal control measures where applicable.

Office Administration and Management

  • Facilitate effective Coordination, understanding and cooperation between the administration department and the Finance/ Program Department
  • Develop strategies to ensure efficient application of agency resources, minimize wastage and achieve highest standards of stewardship
  • Directly supervise the building maintenance and repair for the office and residences d, Provide supervision on couriers to ensure that items documentation (for sent and received items) is carried out properly.


  • Represent the Head of Administration
  • Perform other duties when required

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Bachelor's Degree in law, Economics, Administration or Management. An MBA is preferable
  • Must be a matured, motivated, problem solving individual with high levels of initiative;
  • Minimum of five years relevant administrative management experience, preferably with an International Organization
  • Prior experience in supervising staff in a structured work environment
  • Demonstrate excellent written and oral Communication skills
  • Must demonstrate a good understanding of contemporary management best practices
  • Must have excellent research and facilitation skills Excellent people skills;
  • Demonstrate high level of initiative, diplomacy and tact
  • Excellent knowledge of computer software - MS Office and Excel especially;
  • Must be flexible and be able to work independently and as part of a team.

Method of Application
Interested applicants should download the CRS application form using this link and send with a detailed CV as attached MS Word documents to: [email protected]

Applicants must explicitly state the position applied for in the CRS application form and in the subject of their email e.g. ADMIN OFFICER

Completed applications should reach us before 5pm, Wednesday 9th of October, 2013. Only applications sent in the required format will be considered and only short listed candidates will be contacted.

"CRS is an equal-opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, etc.

Qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply"


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